Monday, October 19, 2009

Hollywood Paparazzi Rule The World...

Here's a video mash-up for "Hollywood Paparazzi Rule The World". I did notice something kind of interesting after watching this for about 20th time. You know how on live TV the turn everything grayscale if the blood/gore has reached an certain level. (Maybe not, they do it sometimes during sports. rare) By turning Daft Punk's portions of the video into black and white I think it zapped it of some of its energy. Ah...well.

This one has got a couple of different songs in there. Towards the end John Mayer's "Waiting On The World To Change" shows up as well as small samples of "California Love" & "Beverly Hills". (Just working with a theme...LA...Paparazzi) The "Around the World/Television Rules The Nation" was originally done by DP during Coachella in 2006.